At Inca Health we manufacture natural botanical extracts from herbs found in the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains.

The Camu camu or Myrciaria Dubia, is a small bushy river side tree that grows in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. It is a reddish-purple cherry fruit that gives a small white flower which exudes a sweet smell.

The fruit is extremely acidic, and contains a high content of Vitamin C, being this the most important property of the Camu camu fruit, which has been exploited consistently in its positioning on international markets. Camu camu most likely provides other nutritional benefits such as phenolics.

Camu camu has a reddish pigment in the skin imparts which give it a unique color making it attractive in juices. Recently Camu camu has been used in the elaboration of ice creams and sweets, among other treats.

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